What is a Connect Group?

The Purpose & Function of Connect Groups: A Community who come together with the purpose of intentional growth, outreach, building relationships, having fun, being equipped in an environment of support, encouragement and accountability.
Connect with a small group in your neighbourhood and grow together in the Word of God. Connect groups are relaxed Bible studies that take place every week. At Connect, men and women can open up about their lives and experiences in the company of people they relate to. As believers we need to minister to each gender respectively as the different genders share similar needs, desires and pressures. 
The Connect network is built on the principle of relationship and duplication: when you disciple others, you reproduce yourself. The aim of the network is to make true believers of Jesus Christ. Strong spiritual mentorship is available to every person in any phase of his/her life.  A Connect group is a safe place to grow in faith and become who God intended you to be.
To join a Connect Group in your neighbourhood or contact the church office on 041 399 4400 for more information.