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Pre-Marriage Seminar


Congratulations on your excellent future venture!

Your marriage is not just about your special day, but about two people investing in the rest of their lives.

It is important to know that to have a strong and healthy marriage you will need to grow daily in understanding each other and building your relationship. Pre-marriage training cannot prepare your for the rest of your life, but it can surely help you with the start of your married life.  The Pre-marriage seminar will help identify weaknesses in your relationship that could potentially lead to problems or even the failure of a marriage and it will enhance the strengths.



Topics include

  • Finances – budget planning, who decides on what, what is important and who is responsible for the handling of the money.
  • Communication – communication is not just what you say, but also what you don’t say, or how you say it.
  • Beliefs and values –  marriage is not a survival of the fittest, it is the understanding of who we are, what we stand for and what we believe that will make a marriage stand the test of time
  • Marriage roles – who leads and who follows or why submission will always be a ‘tacky’ question. However, when a couple understands their specific roles they will increase their influence in the city.
  • Affection, intimacy and sex – sex is often seen as love. However, sex is not love and once a couple understand the secrets of true affection and the ultimate joy thereof they will also appreciate the value of their love.
  • Family relationships – where do family fit in once we are married?

The Pre-Marriage Seminar is compulsory for anyone who wants to be married by a Word of Faith Pastor.

2018 Pre-Marriage dates are

26 May, 27 October

For more information please contact Wedoline Cunningham at 041 399 4400 or send an email to

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