Music & Creative Arts

Why we Worship

To us worship is an outward expression of an inward revelation of God the Father. It comes from a place of divine awareness. Each of our  services echoes a distinct sound, saturated by the Holy Spirit. Much of the music today stirs up emotion, but  we believe true worship unashamedly honours God and creates a space for His Spirit to move, shake and change us. Worship is not only a song; it’s a lifestyle and the tangible sound of heaven on earth.

School of Worship

Learn how your worship is related to changing circumstances, healing, revival, evangelism and much more in the Kingdom of God at our all-new School of Worship.

Our one year course will take place every Wednesday evening and is based on Tom Inglis’ Psalmody Course. Psalmody was birthed in 1984 when Tom Inglis had a profound encounter with the Lord regarding the subject of worship as a lifestyle.


  • Manny Eagle – Music & Creative Arts Director at Word of Faith Christian Centre
  • Trevor Sampson – President of Psalmody SA
  • Carol Flack – Board member of Psalmody SA
  • Dr Jimmy Crompton & Pastor Mariana Crompton – founders of Word of Faith Christian Centre

The One Year Certificate will cover the following level 1 and level 2 topics:

Level 1

  1. Introduction to Worship Lifestyle
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Introduction to Praise
  4. Lifestyle of Praise 1
  5. Lifestyle of Praise 2
  6. Introduction to Worship
  7. Abrahams Journey of Worship
  8. Introduction to Warfare
  9. Healing & Worship
  10. The Holy Spirit and Worship
  11. Glory & Worship
  12. Giving & Worship
  13. Restoration of the Tabernacle of David

Level 2

  1. Worship Overview (past, present & future)
  2. Created to Worship
  3. Breakthrough Worship – 1
  4. Breakthrough Worship – 2
  5. Breakthrough Worship – 3
  6. Covenant Worship 
  7. Kingdom Worship
  8. Worship In The New Testament
  9. Prayer & Worship
  10. Remembrance & Worship
  11. Confession & Worship
  12. Celebrate Your Freedom
  13. Delivering Power of Thanksgiving

At our School of Worship our mission is to re-establish strong biblical roots and foundations regarding praise and worship in the individual, the local church, the city, South Africa and the rest of the world.


-Registration cost: R150, includes registration with Psalmody International.

-Book R380 (once off per level)

-Monthly Fee R200 (paid in advance)

Starting 15 July 2020, with classes running from 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Contact Manny Eagle at or 041 399 4400 to sign up today!