Mom’s & Tots

Mothers’ Rooms

At Word of Faith we welcome moms and babies. We understand that you need to be in the service and want to worship God and receive the Word too. We have created some convenient spaces so you can do just that.

  • At the back of the church we have demarcated a section of benches for parents with small children. This is to allow parents an easy exit to the Mother’s Rooms or Connection Café should they need one.
  • Next to the ladies room you will find a Mother’s Room for moms who are breastfeeding. Men are not permitted to be in this room during church services to ensure each mom’s privacy.
  • Connection Café is also open during each service and caters for parents with children under two years old. Jungle gyms and swings are adjacent to the café for children to play while parents watch the service on the screen.  

Please note that the ladies room in the foyer has a changing mat to make diaper changes a bit easier for our moms.