Men’s Net

Our Men’s Net is built on a foundation of relationship and duplication – when you disciple others, you reproduce yourself. Led by our Senior Pastor, Jimmy Crompton, and his team of men – who meet once a week in a Connect Group at his home – the aim of Men’s Net is to make true believers of Jesus Christ. Pastor Jimmy has a vision to see the lost saved and the sick healed, and for this to form part of our lifestyle as Christians. Most men are more comfortable sharing their experiences in the company of other men who may share the same needs, desires and pressures. Strong spiritual mentorship is available to every man in any phase of his life at Word of Faith Christian Centre.

Second to running Connect Groups, Men’s Net encourages its members to invite unsaved friends, family and colleagues to a Men’s Camp called Turning Point. This weekend getaway takes place in a setting removed from the normal distractions of life. Topics on this camp include: true repentance, the joy of forgiveness, the plan of redemption, faith to heal our wounded souls, the breaking of curses,The Peniel Experience, baptism in the Holy Spirit, family, and having a vision for success

In addition to Connect Groups and Turning Point camps, Men’s Net hosts regular events throughout the year where guest speakers minister and pray for men specifically. Speakers include the likes of Myan Subryan, Gary Kieswetter and Johny Grobler.

Men have a great role to play in their homes, the church and their communities. We believe having spiritually strong men who build each other up in the faith and who speak the blessing of God over their loved ones and peers will change this nation. All programmes are designed to ensure that both boys and men become the husbands, fathers, friends and God-fearing men that God intended them to be.