Faith Fellowship

Faith Fellowship

Faith Fellowship Conference Date: 2, 4 & 5 June 2019

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Faith Fellowship is a network of pastor couples and any other five-fold ministry across South Africa and Africa, who look to the apostolic ministry of Pastors Jimmy and Mariana Crompton for leadership, and direction, realising that they care about the mission of each church and that their heart is to build a strong foundation for church growth.

Faith Fellowship is born out of a growing need for the spiritual support and covering of a successful apostle that has proven faithfulness to the work of the Lord which is shown by their consistent growth and success.  Pastors Jimmy and Mariana’s testimony have impacted many churches in South Africa, Africa and the World. Their clear guidance and direction not only show their strong leadership style but also their absolute commitment to see God moving in such a way that every pastor and his or her following will be able to experience breakthrough in their ministry.

The concept of sons consenting to a father and giving him the authority to speak into their lives, direct them and transferring their anointing and gifting by the laying on of hands, has brought about acceptance, unity and fellowship never before experienced in the church. Using this principle means pastors and five-fold ministries join Faith Fellowship out of their own free will and that no organization, decision or structures will be implemented against their will. Faith Fellowship under the leadership of Pastors Jimmy and Mariana Crompton is building a family with a foundation of faith, love and trust for and towards each other.

The Vision of Faith Fellowship is to connect pastors and five-fold ministries in a meaningful way, which promotes strong fellowship and the exchange of ideas in a non-threatening network and without the trappings of a denomination.

Our goals are:

  • Fresh strategies that will help pastors and five-fold ministries make true believers of those under their care.
  • To recognize and encourage each ministry to connect in a non-competitive environment,
  • To have one or two conferences per year, where pastors (couples and single), five-fold ministries and lay preachers are recognized and valued for their unique ministries.
  • A set time where delegates will be able to socialize and get to know one another in order for them to build friendships and relationships.
  • For delegates to feel encouraged, refreshed and stimulated.
  • To exchange information and assist one another with ideas.
  • A place where God’s children gather where they will seek the will of God for the future together and how, together, we can extend The Kingdom.

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