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My Connect. My Family.

12227767_10156262439955646_847926817725947652_nI joined Natasha Roth’s Connect Group in April 2013. I was nervous at first, but I believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This group has changed my life. My Connect Group is my family and my safe haven. Connect is somewhere I can be myself.

We have shared so many tears, so much laughter, fun, joy, and soul deep conversations. I cannot wait for the rest to come. My group is always looking out for me. For the longest time I couldn’t believe I finally met people who genuinely want the best for me, even if it means giving me ‘tough love.’

This isn’t a “once-a-week-get-together-friendship” this is a “you-can-call-me-anytime-anywhere-for-anything-anytime-fellowship.”

Thank you for everything Natasha!

I wouldn’t replace this for anything in the world!

Jessica Weideman


Blessing & Favour

12208682_10156266218675646_1420554994817575174_nRecently, a Port Elizabeth businessman asked Pastor Jimmy to pray over his car.

Giving everything we have over to God, trusting Him with our possessions, and understanding that His blessing and favour are central to our Christian lives, is a wisdom this businessman sincerely demonstrated.

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