My Only Fight with the Devil – ebook


The Testimony of the Greatest Victory of my Life

Written by: Dr. James Richard Crompton

One man’s inspiring journey through rejection, false arrest and betrayal. A war of extraordinary proportion within hallowed hallways rages between ordinary families of believers and ecclesiastical bullies. A sojourn of faith for a young family under persecution begins in South Africa.

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Jimmy Crompton was born in his parents’ parsonage during World War II.

Under his parents’ ministry Jimmy’s childhood teemed with miracles, prophecies and hospitable evangelism. Years later, he finds himself embroiled in a public fight with the very denomination his father helped to establish. Rejected by men he grew up admiring, falsely arrested and taken to court for doing what he believed would protect his church members, Jimmy is faced with bitter betrayal, anonymous threats and a vicious court case.

With only his faith and a miraculous prophecy over his life as an anchor of hope, Jimmy, together with his faith-filled wife and their young son stand their ground against extenuating odds and overcome the enemy. When all seems lost, they learn the truth of God’s promise for a hope and a future.

  • Miraculous prophecies and fullfilment
  • Jail
  • Court cases
  • Persecution by church leaders
  • Miraculous healings
  • Amazing interventions
  • Financial miracles and public vindication
  • Glorious, divine victory

Dr. JIMMY CROMPTON, senior pastor of Word of Faith Christian Centre, is recognised worldwide as an Apostle of the faith. He operates in the five-fold anointing and moves strongly in the gifts of the Spirit, with incredible signs, wonders and miracles recorded under his ministry. His qualifications include: Bachelor of Ministry by Christian Life Training; Doctor of Divinity by The River Institute, Tampa, Florida, USA and International Miracle Institute, Pensacola, Florida, USA. Dr. Crompton’s ministry supports missionaries in Africa and China, and he is the father of Faith Fellowship, a network of leaders and churches across South Africa and Africa that he helped found, or who have chosen to be fathered by him. Dr. Crompton submits to Dr. Fred Roberts of Durban Christian Centre.