Project Hope

Project Hope is registered as a non-profit organization that focuses on the improvement of children’s lives in the Nelson Mandela Metropole (Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas), currently managing four care centres where volunteer workers minister to children, their parents or caregivers, covering not only spiritual but physical, medical and emotional needs.

Target Areas

Feeding: To feed the children a good nutritional meal on a weekly basis.

Clothing: We also provide clothing, new and used, to as many children and their extended families listed in our programme as needed. This ranges from jerseys and shoes to school clothes.

Medical: Children arrive at our centres with cuts, bruises, ringworm, scabies, colds, lice and malnutrition; qualified medical staff make an effort to supply health care.

Personal Direction: Children and parents in a hopeless situation are unable to create or find any kind of work, personal hygiene stops, sexual promiscuousness increases and hope is gone. Our team takes time to improve self-esteem, helps to find work, helps restore relationships and supports a general clean- up in the home.
How we achieve this?

Regular Visitations: Children and parents are visited regularly and counselled by our outstanding team of workers. During these visits the team will establish the need, not in only the child’s life, but also in the home where sometimes there are no parents. Up to 11 children live in a house with the oldest or a grandmother looking after them.

Christian Guidance: Children are encouraged to attend Kingdom Kids Sunday school in their area, whilst parents are encouraged to attend a branch church for adults. A valuable team of volunteers using he Bible as the basic teaching material results in changed lifestyles, better self-esteem and improved moral values in the lives of our children.

Cell Groups: Children and parents are placed in small cell groups where they are spiritually trained so that they in turn can become leaders, not only in their own cell, but also in their church and in their community.
Our challenges:

Alcohol, unwanted and teenage pregnancies, drugs, gangs, unemployment, homelessness, lack of self-esteem, fighting, sexual perversions and much more.

Please consider assisting us in the following ways:

  • Financially: Once off financial contributions and/or Monthly debit orders
  • Food donations: such as soup, bread, vegetables, fruit, porridge, juice, sandwich toppings etc.
  • Clothing and shoes: clean and in a good wearable condition
  • Baby clothes & diapers
  • Blankets: adult, children & baby
  • Books & toys
  • School stationery
  • Toiletries
  • Building material to repair family homes

Thank you for your support, whether in cash or in kind! Together we can bring hope.

Contact Madge Blignaut for information or to join our team of volunteers: info@projecthopesa.org.za

Read more about Project Hope and Get Involve on www.projecthopesa.org.za.

Word of Faith Missions

Taking God’s Word to the world! “All nations will be blessed through you.” The final phrase of this prophetic promise given to Abraham and his heirs (Gal 3:29) in Gen 12:2-3 brings all the tenets of the covenant God made with Abraham to a glorious culmination. Being a ‘sent one’ to the nations is truly at the center of God’s plan and His heartbeat for the church of Jesus Christ. Our missionaries can go so much further with our help, by praying for them and giving of our substance to undergird their efforts.

Word of Faith Missions includes:

  • Ps Geoffrey and Brenda Crompton – Africa
  • Judy and Gertjan – Tula, Russia
  • Keith and Bronwyn Eden – Lichinga, Mozambique
  • Denvar & René Marks – Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania

Contact Lizelle Niekerk on 041 399 4400, 072 384 8131 or email her at missions@wordoffaith.org.za for more information.

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Contact Details

Tel: 041 399 4400
Email: info@wordoffaith.org.za
Cnr Lily Str. & William Moffett
Expressway, Mangold Park, PE.

Sunday Service Times

9AM – Family Service
5PM – The Way Service
7PM – God Chasers Service