Healing Crusade 6th October

We believe prayer changes things! Join us for the Healing Crusade with Pastor Ronnie Sampson on Saturday 6 October at 10am in The Chapel. Bring all those who are sick and in need of healing!

Men’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

Inviting all men to a stress-free weekend away that will bring renewal, restoration, knowledge and direction to your life. To register for the next Men’s Net Turning Point Encounter Weekend from 26-28 October, email info@wordoffaith.org.za.

Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

After you’ve completed Starting Point, the next destination on your Life Point journey is Turning Point. Only a personal encounter with God can provide you with answers to questions about your life and purpose. This stress­ free weekend away will bring renewal, restoration, knowledge and direction to your life. To sign up for the Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend, email info@wordoffaith.org.za

Baptism Service

We’re excited to witness believers make a life-changing decision to leave their past behind and be raised with Christ to a brand new life on Sunday 28 October, 7pm at our Baptism Service! If you would like to be baptized, contact Liya on 041 399 400 Or email connect@wordoffaith.org.za #IHaveDecided


1. Candidates must arrive on Sunday at 5pm to be briefed by the event team under the gallery in the main church.

2. Bring your own towel and an extra change of clothes.

3. For the baptism each candidate wears a blue T-shirt that says “I have decided… to follow Jesus” and a pair of short pants (men) and black tights (women)

4. “I have decided… to follow Jesus” T-shirts will be on sale for R70 each or you to borrow one to wear for the baptism.

5. Invite all your friends and family to come witness your decision at Word of Faith Christian Centre, the God Chasers service starts at 7pm.

Kids Fest October

Our GAME ON Kids Fest is taking place from 2-5 October from 7.30am to 12noon. The cost is R20 per day per child aged between 6 and 13! For more information contact Sheralee Cherry (0842125038) or Desmond Lepson (0848978651)

Bill Hamon – 16 Sept at 9am, 5pm & 7pm

Recently featured by Charisma Magazine as one of the 40 people who radically changed the Church, Dr Bill Hamon has been a prophet for over 60 years. Based in Florida, Dr Hammon serves as bishop to over 800 ministers and churches in the US, as well as over 3,000 ministers and churches abroad. Dr Hammon has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for over 250,000 in prophetic ministry. In addition, he has authored seven major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God’s agenda.

Child Dedication – 2 September

The next child dedication takes place on the 2nd of September  at 9am. To register your child for this special occasion speak to our friendly volunteers at the info desk in the foyer after our services or call the church office during the week on 041 399 4400.

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