War Room, Half Night of Prayer

War Room HNOP 2

We conclude our five days of fasting and prayer on Friday the 22nd of January with The War Room, a half-night of prayer and worship where we go to spiritual battle for our families, careers, friendships and children through prayer, praise and worship.

Let’s unite in prayer and fasting for breakthroughs and miracles in our church community.

Email your prayer requests to prayer@wordoffaith.org.za and let’s trust God for your miracle as we join together to Fast and Pray from 18-22 January.

Prayer & Fasting 18-22 January 2016

Prayer & FastingAt Word of Faith Christian Centre we believe that prayer and fasting changes things!

Join us in prayer and fasting from the 18th to the 22nd of January as we seek the Lord for the following:

For God’s love to become a reality to the church.

Pray that our children will become soul-winners in their schools.

That the love of God will draw people – the backslidden, the unsaved and unchurched -to Word of Faith.

For the love of God to touch and heal the broken-hearted, broken marriages and broken families.

That God’s love will be like a banner over Port Elizabeth and South Africa.

That selfishness and pride will no longer have a hold over people, and that it will diminish.

That there will be a release of forgiveness and giving in our church and in our families.

Email your prayer requests to prayer@wordoffaith.org.za and let’s trust God for your miracle.

Sunday 17 January “Finding your Purpose”

Finding your Purpose - Sunday 17 Jan 2016 - 2

Learn how you can find your God-given purpose on Sunday the 17th of January in a 3 part series at the 9am, 5pm & 7pm services with Richard Crompton. Finding your purpose will transform your life as stress; uncertainty and anxiety make way for purpose, passion and peace.

At Word of Faith our vision is to have a constant flow of God’s glory, power and miraculous grace from heaven to our city, so much so that it overspills to the rest of South Africa and the African continent. We believe that Port Elizabeth is the place where God can pour out His revival, blessing, glory, prosperity, victory, healing and everything we need.

Join us as we take a fresh and closer look at the vision of our church and our role as believers in accomplishing it.


Miraculous Healing

12243592_10156282900505646_4691604757954135838_nIn 2013 I received a miraculous healing for an abdominal pain going down my left hip and leg when we prayed in my Connect group. I had never gone to the doctor for a diagnosis, so I didn’t know what had caused the pain. In April this year the pain came back. I endured and prayed, until I finally decided to visit the gynaecologist.

The doctor diagnosed the pain as a ‘bad’ ovarian cyst, but said that he would not operate on it yet. I was to try a hormonal treatment first and use the prescribed pain tablets. In two weeks’ time I would have a follow-up appointment to see if my condition had improved.

For the two weeks that followed I was still in pain. There was no change. I asked to be covered in prayer, but still nothing. Last Sunday during praise and worship at the 5pm service we were singing, ‘Saviour you can move the mountain, you’re Mighty to save…’ when in my spirit I knew which mountain I was facing and sung my lungs out.

I had never felt such a freedom. I pushed through to the heavens and when I sensed that they were open I claimed my healing.

I went back to see the doctor this Tuesday.

“Did you speak to the cyst?” he asked, to which I replied, “Yes, with boldness.”

“Well my dear lets go see if it obeyed.”

I thought to myself, ‘Wow, it can only be God in charge here.’

The result: the cyst is gone!

I praise God! I give him my unbroken praise, even at times when things and life are working against me, because I truly believe that my basis of contentment is my position in Him and not my feelings!


Buyiswa Hlangothi

My Connect. My Family.

12227767_10156262439955646_847926817725947652_nI joined Natasha Roth’s Connect Group in April 2013. I was nervous at first, but I believe this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This group has changed my life. My Connect Group is my family and my safe haven. Connect is somewhere I can be myself.

We have shared so many tears, so much laughter, fun, joy, and soul deep conversations. I cannot wait for the rest to come. My group is always looking out for me. For the longest time I couldn’t believe I finally met people who genuinely want the best for me, even if it means giving me ‘tough love.’

This isn’t a “once-a-week-get-together-friendship” this is a “you-can-call-me-anytime-anywhere-for-anything-anytime-fellowship.”

Thank you for everything Natasha!

I wouldn’t replace this for anything in the world!

Jessica Weideman


Blessing & Favour

12208682_10156266218675646_1420554994817575174_nRecently, a Port Elizabeth businessman asked Pastor Jimmy to pray over his car.

Giving everything we have over to God, trusting Him with our possessions, and understanding that His blessing and favour are central to our Christian lives, is a wisdom this businessman sincerely demonstrated.

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