War Room, Half Nigh of Prayer

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You are invited to The War Room, half night of prayer and worship where we go to spiritual battle for our upcoming elections, families, church, careers, friendships and children through prayer, praise and worship.

Tuesday 26 April 2016, 7pm-midnight

The prayer sessions start at 7pm and continue through till midnight. Come prepared for the 11pm session where we will use Acts 19:11&12 as a foundation for people to bring handkerchiefs, any form of clothing, pillows cellphone, car keys, house keys, spec’s, sunglasses etc of any loved one or friend or family member that they are praying for to be saved or delivered from bad habits or any oppression, addiction of the devil. You will be invited forward with whatever you brought to anoint the item with oil and together with the our pastors we will come into agreement for that person’s breakthrough. You can go back to that person(s) or their homes and hand back the item(s) or place it in a strategic place and allow the anointing to do it’s work in those people’s lives.

For more info contact the church office on 041 399 4400 or email prayer@wordoffaith.org.za.

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Jacques van der Westhuizen

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Jacques van der Westhuizen
“Expect the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit”
Sunday 1 May 2016
Service Times:9am, 5pm & 7pm

A favourite visiting evangelist who has blessed thousands, Jacques van der Westhuizen is known for the miracles, healings and prophetic words in his meetings. Having had powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit when he was just thirteen years old, Jacques would experience the Lord’s presence with such intensity that he’d spend days and hours praying in his room as a child and teenager. Following on these first powerful encounters, Jacques would become the founder and senior pastor of Revival Worship Centre in Cape Town, and is known to have the Holy Spirit’s presence in his meetings as he shares new revelations and insights into the Word of God.

For more info contact the church office on 041 399 4400 or send us an email at info@wordoffaith.org.za.

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Achieve the Unachievable with Myan Subrayan

NEXT SUNDAY at THE GATE, 7pm – Famous for his impact as the confidence coach of The Lions, Myan Subrayan is also a popular speaker, business advisor and established author. Having written Chad Le Clos’ book, Unbelievable, and autobiographies for Springbok rugby player Pierre Spies, and former All Black, Inga Tuigamala, Myan is also the author of From the Pit to Palace, You Can and Born a Hindu Die a Hindu? Born into a Hindu family, Myan received salvation in 1994, and shares a powerful testimony about overcoming impossibilities, remaining steadfast in times of change and being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amongst his latest business endeavours is assisting our local Kings as a confidence coach.Myan Subrayan2

The Gate Service – Sunday 17 April 2016 at 7pm

If you’ve been faced with the same problems, year in and year out, and have given up hope of ever breaking free or winning the battle, Word of Faith Christian Centre invites you to a sermon called “The Purpose of His Presence” where believers will learn how to move past the obstacles in their lives, receive deliverance, and live victoriously as they follow God all the way. The God Chasers -  17 Apr AV

The Purpose of the Zodiac

For ages the stars have fascinated mankind, leading some to worship them and others to believe they have the power to dictate the future. However, the Bible refers to the constellations of the Zodiac and guides believers toward an entirely different view of the stars. Join us on Sunday the 17th and 24th of April for an in-depthlook at the Zodiac with Hein van Vledder.Zodiac Facebook and Insta

The Gate Service – Sunday 10 April 2016 at 7pm

The God Chasers - There's got to be more - 10 Apr 2016  FB&W

THIS SUNDAY AT THE GATE {7PM} catch Bentley Niekerk for the second session in a 3 part series entitled “The God Chasers” with a message called “Do I run away or do I go in?”. God is calling all believers to a place of blessing and change in their lives. The choice is left with us: commit to true intimacy with God, or run from it. If you dare to answer God’s call, it is guaranteed to redefine everything you’ve ever done.

Faith Fellowship, Pastors Conference 2016

Faith Fellowship 2016 - A5 Flyer website

Delegates that register before Wednesday 1st June 2016 will be entitled to a FREE tea, coffee and one meal per day.
NO CHARGE – please note that we want to bless you and your spouse, we therefore do not charge for this conference, however it is important that you register before the 1st June 2016 due to limited space.
The full programme including speakers will be posted on our website by 5th May 2016.

REGISTER online at: www.wordoffaith.org.za/faith-fellowship
Email: jill@wordoffaith.org.za
Fax: 041 368 1053 • Enquiries: 041 399 4400
Address: Cnr Lily Street & William Moffett Expressway,
Mangold Park, Port Elizabeth

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