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Delegates that register before Wednesday 1st June 2016 will be entitled to a FREE tea, coffee and one meal per day.
NO CHARGE – please note that we want to bless you and your spouse, we therefore do not charge for this conference, however it is important that you register before the 1st June 2016 due to limited space.
The full programme including speakers will be posted on our website by 5th May 2016.

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Culture, traditions & acceptable lifestyles: Are they Godly or our making?

Many of us, whether we are modern or traditional, are greatly protective of our culture and traditions. Any attempt to mess with, or change what we believe and habitually practice, typically leads to great distress and discord. Alarming- ly, more and more Christians are choosing to adhere to a culture which is contrary to the Word of God.

Influenced by your culture

After 48 years in the ministry, I have come to believe that one of the greatest challenges to God’s people, and the Church as a whole, is founded on our perception of the culture and traditions we were born into.

In his top selling book, The Peace Child, Don Richardson explains how as a mission- ary, he tried to reach a tribe that had never before heard the Gospel. To his horror he discovered that in their culture a betrayal was considered the cleverest, coolest move anyone could make. The larger the betrayal someone achieved, the greater the honour they would receive.

There was a problem though. None of the tribes in the area trusted one another. They were frequently at war – murdering and killing one another. Don proceeded to ask them if there was any hope of having peace between the tribes. To which they answered by telling him about a traditional custom, where one chief would give another his son.

When the handover took place, a number of warriors would stand in a row with their legs apart. The chief ’s son would crawl through this ‘birth canal’ to the other side. Once a chief had given his son to the other tribe, he would not make war with them again, as he did not want to see his son killed by his own warriors.

A Saviour for all

Faced with explaining Salvation to a people whose culture glorifies treachery and who would believe Judas to be the hero of Jesus’ story, Don decided to make use of the ‘peace-child’ tradition. He explained that the big chief in the sky, God, was angry with their sin, but that he had sent His peace- child from Heaven to live with us and to stop the war and His anger. After hearing Don’s explanation, the entire tribe turned to Christ.

This culture – which glorified a wicked lifestyle – had a saving feature, which resulted in the tribe turning to Christ. Culture therefore is not entirely good or bad. The problem is that the Church is under pressure to include traditions, customs and lifestyles prescribed by society into God’s clearly defined path to holiness and purpose.

Be wise

Of late it appears that sexual immorality – which destroys the family and the founda- tional security of human beings – is no longer unacceptable in our Christian culture. The belief that God is love and that He will not judge sin, has been taking root in the minds of Christians and churches worldwide. To many believers, a God who holds people accountable for the way they live is considered unloving. However, this does not mean He overlooks the wrong choices we make.

In Matthew 15:6 and Mark 7:5, 8 and 13 we read about the Jews making the Word of God of no effect by and through their traditions. Cultural beliefs and traditions in opposition to God, His Word and Kingdom, are of the devil.

Sin is a disgrace, avoid it

Before she passed away, Mrs Billy Graham said, “If God does not punish the world for their wickedness, He would have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorra.” The Church and every individual believer needs to re- affirm Jesus’ teaching: that the rule of the Lord in our culture and traditions – God’s Kingdom – must be reinstated. As Proverbs 14:34 reads, “Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

I grew up in a church that had many traditional ideas. Church members had to submit to religious rules and traditions or they were considered sinners. To be a member of this church and to be considered right with God required repenting of the sins listed in the Bible as well as your own traditional thinking. I was accepted into this church because – as I was told by one of the leaders – I followed their traditions. However, this is not always the case. Cultural thinking often divides people, who are in fact quite close in their thinking, but who reject one another because of small differences in their patterns of thought.

Build your life on God’s Word

As Christians we should have the Word of God and the Kingdom of God as our only foundation in building His culture in the Church and establishing His way of living and thinking.

DR JIMMY CROMPTON is the leader and founder of the Word of Faith Christian Centre in Port Elizabeth. For more info:

Arise Women’s Conference

Arise 2016 FB & Website

This year the Arise Women’s Conference presents True Colours, with author and kingdom finance teacher, ChiChi Bismark, relationship expert, Timothy Kieswetter and Arise visionary and host, Mariana Crompton.

At this year’s conference we’re going public with God’s love, we’re shining His light into the world and bringing out the best in ourselves and others. With our focus on relationships – how to have healthy relationships and how to keep them healthy – we aim to impact our families, our friends, our workplaces and communities with the beauty of His colours as our lives reflect His light.

Register online at

Movie Night: War Room

Life Conf FB & Website

Movie Night “The War Room”

Sunday 20 March at The Gate service {7PM}

We fight for power. We fight for riches. We fight for rights. We fight for freedom. There always seems to be something to fight about.  War is as old as human history.

From the creators of the award-winning films, Fireproof and Courageous, comes a movie that demonstrates the power of prayer in marriages, careers, friendships and families. Challenged to establish a War Room and battle plan of prayer for her crumbling marriage, Elizabeth’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Miss Clara, a wise and faith-filled older woman.  From her friendship with Miss Clara, Elizabeth learns to fight for her family through prayer.

Join us on Sunday the 20th of March for the one-time Word of Faith screening of War Room.

For more info call the church office on 041 399 4400 or email us at

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Psalmody Training

02. Psalmody FB - INSTA

Psalmody Training
A Church Equipped to Worship – in Spirit and Truth

  …Raising the voice with resounding joy.” 1 Chronicles 15:16 NKJV

Fri & Sat, 11 & 12 March 2016
Fri 7pm: Introduction – meet and greet with all facilitators and a worship session
Sat 9:30 am until 4pm: Psalmody Training for Facilitators

Music is a powerful entity with the ability to affect our soul (mind, will and emotions), and body. It has long been proven that the lyrics of songs affect us – as we constantly hear and confess them. The Word says that God manifests Himself in the praises of His people and today, there are documented accounts of healings taking place in the atmosphere of praise and worship. Worship testifies of the work of the Holy Spirit and confirms the reality of Jesus in our lives to those around us. If you’re passionate about worship and would like to learn more about becoming a true worshiper, join us for Psalmody School of Worship Training on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of March. Psalmody is a worship training course with the aim to see hearts honoring God and turned to evangelism and revival. 

To register contact Manny on 078 303 1659 or email

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Trevor Sampson & The Sampson Brothers

02. Trevor Sunday FB - INSTA

Trevor Sampson
A Revelation of Worship

Sunday 13 March 2016 at 9am, 5pm & 7pm

  …Raising the voice with resounding joy.” 1 Chronicles 15:16 NKJV

Come and hear Trevor Sampson at the 9am & 5pm services. The Sampson Brothers will be joining their dad in a Worship Concert at the 7pm service. An anointed singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer, Trevor Sampson has ministered on many of the world’s most prominent Gospel stages.

A regular feature on Billy Graham’s global satellite link-ups with Franklin Graham’s Gospel Festivals, Trevor also served as music director during evangelistic crusades with Reinhard Bonnke. Having produced numerous live recordings in and for many local churches over the past eighteen years, Trevor shares his experience in the arts, sound engineering and recording at his regular workshops and seminars. He is currently the director of Restoring the Sound, a township-based performing arts and skills training centre which focuses on helping children and young people fulfill their destinies. Trevor and his wife, Tricia, have been married for 25 years, and have three children: Bianca-Maree, Jason and David. Now forming part of Trevor’s five-piece band and travelling the globe with their dad,  Jason can be seen on the drums and David on the bass guitar.

For more info call the church office on 041 399 4400 or email

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Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

Women's Enc FB & Website FINAL

Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

A three-day retreat where you can experience the power of the cross of Christ.

15-17 April 2016
Friday 5.30pm to Sunday 1pm

Mentors Country Estate, R350pp
{4 Star Accommodation, Self Catering}

Charlene Erasmus at Tel: 041 399 4400

After you’ve completed Starting Point, the next destination on your Life Point journey is Turning Point. Only a personal encounter with God can provide you with answers to questions about your life and purpose. This stress-free weekend away will bring renewal, restoration, knowledge and direction to your life.

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Life Conference, Mar 25 & 27

Life Conf FB & Website

Life Conference
An Easter Celebration

25 & 27 March 2016

Join us this March for an Easter Convention with worldwide leader in revival,  Jonathan Shuttlesworth, and Grammy Award nominee, Neville D.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth
Fri 9am & 7pm
Sun 9am, 5pm & 7pm

Having preached the Gospel full-time since 2002, Jonathan Shuttlesworth has travelled worldwide, with tens of thousands coming to salvation and receiving miracles in his meetings. The visionary of Revival Today TV, which was launched in 2007 and now reaches 7 million homes on Fox and ABC, Jonathan firmly believes that the nations of the world are over ripe for revival – an outpouring of the Holy Spirit he is determined to be a great part of.

Neville D
Fri 9am & 7pm

Local gospel artist, Grammy Award Nominee and 2015 Dove Award winner, Neville D, will be heading up the praise and worship at this year’s Life Conference. A multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician, Neville recently released ‘Beauty of Difference: Season 2,’ an energetic and anointed live concert recording which explores the beautiful differences of South Africa’s cultures and generations. Having been on an incredible spiritual and musical journey, Neville D,  will be sharing and performing live on Friday the 25th of March.

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