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Production Team Open Day

If you have an INTEREST in camera work, lighting and broadcast production or have some experience in these fields, you are invited to join us at our Production Team Open Day.

There will be introductory training sessions and refreshments will be provided.

The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded: 13th-27th August at 5pm The Way

Where does ISIS fit into the prophecies of the Book of Daniel?

Will the City of Babylon be rebuilt and become a capital of the ISIS Caliphate?

Is ISIS defeated?

Does Brexit feature in the prophecies?

What is the future of Rome in terms of the prophecies in the Bible?

Will Rome and Babylon co-operate?

The Last Empire before the Return of Christ

 “I am in charge of kingdoms. I cause kingdoms to rise and fall, and I will bring these other empires after you.” 

Many antichrists have come. They were all against and in the place of Christ, but are all dead today. They were antichrists, but obviously not the final one. In The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded Dr Jimmy Crompton will teach on the last empire before the return of Christ and unfold the end-time prophecies in the book of Daniel. 


The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded, a three week course:  13, 20, 27 August at 5pm

The biggest tests and greatest victories always follow our smaller decisions of integrity and faith.

How God Reveals His Glory – 13th-27th August at God Chasers

God’s glory is a big deal in Scripture, but what exactly does it mean? What does it look, sound and feel like? We’ve heard that God’s glory can be manifested in our midst and in our lives, now we’re finding out how, and when at our latest God Chasers series: How God reveals His Glory. A three week God Chasers series at Word of Faith Christian Centre.

Power Point School of Leaders: 13 Aug – 17 Sept at 5pm

From the 13th of August, Word of Faith Christian Centre will be presenting Power Point, a six week course designed to help you successfully establish, lead and grow your Connect Group.

At Power Point you will learn how to be a shepherd, mentor and coach to those in your Connect Group. Power Point is the third destination in the Life Point journey.

War Room Half Night of Prayer 7 August 7pm-11pm

We do not fight against people but against principalities…and we fight on our knees! 

War Room, is a half night of prayer and worship where we go to spiritual battle.

Take this opportunity and join us at WAR ROOM …. because the battle is not ours …it’s the Lord’s. 

Join us Monday the 7th of August, from 7pm to 11pm.


Finding Your Partner Singles Seminar – Sat 5 August at 9.30am

“I have seen many single people become frustrated with their relationship status over the years, and have witnessed them making bad choices because of that frustration or loneliness. I have also seen single people unhappy, misunderstood, lonely, angry, desperate or even depressed. Then again, I have seen others content with being single, patiently waiting for opportunities to come their way. Whether you are spiritual or non-spiritual, this seminar will offer you a fresh perspective and the enlightenment that will help you move forward with confidence.” Denvar Marks, Prophet and missionary to Tanzania

Pastors Denvar and René Marks have been in ministry for 28 years and have a passion to minister to single people.

For everyone 18 and older.

Griefshare Starting 1 Aug at 7pm

Losing a loved one hurts deeply. If you’ve lost someone you care about, or suffered another loss, Family Life would like to invite you to join us at Grief Share. This 13 week course is presented in a home, once a week, on a Tuesday night. To register contact Marlene Jones on 082 652 4892.

Starting Point New Members Orientation – 9 July at 9am

If you’d like to become a member of Word of Faith, or if you’d like to grow spiritually, but you’re not sure where to begin, join us at Starting Point on the 30th of July during our 9am service. Starting Point is the first destination on your Life Point journey and forms part of our new members’ orientation.

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