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Steve Maile – 19 Nov 9am, 5pm & 7pm

Whether through large evangelistic missions, conferences or street outreaches, Steve Maile is committed to reaching the lost and has spent several years in power evangelism with Reinhard Bonnke, who highly recommends him and his ministry. International evangelist and president of New Zeal Global, Steve is used strongly in prophetic utterances through power evangelism; releasing the fire of God amongst God’s people in seeing signs and wonders break out. His passion is to see holiness and fire for this last day harvest.

Blood Drive

Give the gift of life in 2017, when you donate blood.

Word of Faith Christian Centre will be hosting a #BloodDrive on Sunday the 8th of October from 9am until 1pm.

The blood drive vehicle will be stationed in our parking lot, where you will be able to ask questions and #donateblood.

Our target is 11 units.

It’s not just blood, it’s giving someone another chance at life.

Prayer Friends Fish Tank

Spring is here! The season of harvest has begun!
This is your chance to bring the people you care about into God’s kingdom!

Add the names of your family, friends and colleagues to the Prayer Friends Fish Tank so we can span our nets and become fishers of men this Spring!

Join the Prayer Friends Move and let’s pray together for our loved ones. Four weeks of Prayer over the names in the Fish Tank, starting 1 October 2017.

Baptism Service

We’re excited to witness believers make a life-changing decision to leave their past behind and be raised with Christ to a brand new life on Sunday 24 September, 7pm at our Baptism Service! If you would like to be baptized, contact Liya on 041 399 400 Or email #IHaveDecided

1. Candidates must arrive on Sunday at 6.30pm to be briefed by the event team under the gallery in the main church.
2. Bring your own towel and an extra change of clothes.
3. For the baptism each candidate wears a blue T-shirt that says “I have decided… to follow Jesus” and a pair of short pants (men) and black tights (women)
4. “I have decided… to follow Jesus” T-shirts will be on sale for R70 each or you to borrow one to wear for the baptism.
5. Invite all your friends and family to come witness your decision at Word of Faith Christian Centre, the God Chasers service starts at 7pm.

Kingdom kids Turning Point Weekend

Register your child for the upcoming Olympic Games themed Kingdom Kids Camp which will be taking place from 2-3 October at Waverley Hills. The cost is R180 per child. Everyone will meet at the church at 8am on the Monday and return at 5pm the following day.

Please pack braai meat for supper and swimming costumes!

Call the church offices on 041 3994400 to register your child or to speak to Desmond Lepson for more information.

Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

After you’ve completed Starting Point, the next destination on your Life Point journey is Turning Point. Only a personal encounter with God can provide you with answers to questions about your life and purpose. This stress­ free weekend away will bring renewal, restoration, knowledge and direction to your life. To sign up for the Women’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend, email

Men’s Turning Point Encounter Weekend

Inviting all men to a stress-free weekend away that will bring renewal, restoration, knowledge and direction to your life. To register for the next Men’s Net Turning Point Encounter Weekend from the 29th of September to the 1st of October email

Production Team Open Day

If you have an INTEREST in camera work, lighting and broadcast production or have some experience in these fields, you are invited to join us at our Production Team Open Day.

There will be introductory training sessions and refreshments will be provided.

The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded: 13th-27th August at 5pm The Way

Where does ISIS fit into the prophecies of the Book of Daniel?

Will the City of Babylon be rebuilt and become a capital of the ISIS Caliphate?

Is ISIS defeated?

Does Brexit feature in the prophecies?

What is the future of Rome in terms of the prophecies in the Bible?

Will Rome and Babylon co-operate?

The Last Empire before the Return of Christ

 “I am in charge of kingdoms. I cause kingdoms to rise and fall, and I will bring these other empires after you.” 

Many antichrists have come. They were all against and in the place of Christ, but are all dead today. They were antichrists, but obviously not the final one. In The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded Dr Jimmy Crompton will teach on the last empire before the return of Christ and unfold the end-time prophecies in the book of Daniel. 


The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded, a three week course:  13, 20, 27 August at 5pm

The biggest tests and greatest victories always follow our smaller decisions of integrity and faith.

How God Reveals His Glory – 13th-27th August at God Chasers

God’s glory is a big deal in Scripture, but what exactly does it mean? What does it look, sound and feel like? We’ve heard that God’s glory can be manifested in our midst and in our lives, now we’re finding out how, and when at our latest God Chasers series: How God reveals His Glory. A three week God Chasers series at Word of Faith Christian Centre.

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