Burying the old Port Elizabeth to rise up to new life

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 20 February 2018 – Approximately thirty pastors have planned, under the leadership of Pastor Jimmy Crompton of Word of Faith Christian Centre, to hold a large baptismal service in front of the Port Elizabeth City Hall on Saturday the 24th of February between 10 and 11.15am. 

The group of pastors, who represent nearly thirty churches in the metro, received permission from the municipality to erect a porter pool in front of the City Hall and will put up gazebos where the baptismal candidates will be able to change their clothing before and after being baptised.

In addition, the pastors have arranged to have a mobile platform where they are trusting to have a brass band play gospel hymns for half an hour, followed by fifteen minutes of communal worship and a short message by Pastor Crompton. The pastors who have brought candidates to the event will then baptise them in the pool.

Excited about the impact of this event upon the city, an enthusiastic pastor Crompton said, “To my knowledge this is the first time in the history of South Africa that such a service is being held in front of a City Hall anywhere in the country. We’re coming to where the natural human rule of the country is seated. It speaks of the local government power. We are declaring the power of Jesus to destroy the past and raise up a new destiny over our city.”

Pastor Crompton further explained that this will be a prophetic act symbolising a burial of the poverty, crime and corruption which has plagued the city:

 “The old Port Elizabeth with its gang violence, poverty, racism, unemployment and strife will be dead and buried in the name of Jesus. As the candidates are lifted out of the water, it is a declaration of new life. We believe this act will be a proclamation that God is creating a new city of love, joy, peace and prosperity for everybody.”

For more information or to sign up to be baptised, contact Word of Faith Christian Centre telephonically on 041 3994400, via WhatsApp on +27 670035623 or via email at info@wordoffaith.org.za. Candidates must bring an additional set of clothes and a towel. 


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