The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded: 13th-27th August at 5pm The Way

Where does ISIS fit into the prophecies of the Book of Daniel?

Will the City of Babylon be rebuilt and become a capital of the ISIS Caliphate?

Is ISIS defeated?

Does Brexit feature in the prophecies?

What is the future of Rome in terms of the prophecies in the Bible?

Will Rome and Babylon co-operate?

The Last Empire before the Return of Christ

 “I am in charge of kingdoms. I cause kingdoms to rise and fall, and I will bring these other empires after you.” 

Many antichrists have come. They were all against and in the place of Christ, but are all dead today. They were antichrists, but obviously not the final one. In The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded Dr Jimmy Crompton will teach on the last empire before the return of Christ and unfold the end-time prophecies in the book of Daniel. 


The End of Days; Daniel Unfolded, a three week course:  13, 20, 27 August at 5pm

The biggest tests and greatest victories always follow our smaller decisions of integrity and faith.

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