Power Point School of Leaders

At Power Point you will learn how to be a shepherd, mentor and coach to those in your Connect Group. Stepping into a leadership position, whether it be in your Connect Group or in any other areas of life can be challenging, this is why the Power Point course has been designed to help you grow and mature as a leader, this course will assist you to find the wise response to challenging situations. If you don’t yet understand how the Body of Christ is meant to function, how you can fulfill your purpose in the Church, or why relationships and communication are central to your role as a believer, this is the perfect course to help you gain this vital knowledge and to take you to the next level of spiritual growth and Christian leadership. Power Point is the third destination in the Life Point journey. 

Power Point ONE: Ps Jimmy-Building Communities – Sun 23 Apr

Power Point TWO: Ps Mariana- To Lead is to Serve – Sun 30 Apr 

Power Point THREE: Ps Richard-Coaching & Shepherding – Sun 7 May 

Power Point FOUR: Ps Fredrick-How to run a Connect – Sun 21 May 

Power Point FIVE: Ps Marianne-Caring for your Members – Sun 28 May 

Power Point SIX: Madge- Identifying Leaders – Sun 4 Jun 

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