War Room, Half Nigh of Prayer

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You are invited to The War Room, half night of prayer and worship where we go to spiritual battle for our upcoming elections, families, church, careers, friendships and children through prayer, praise and worship.

Tuesday 26 April 2016, 7pm-midnight

The prayer sessions start at 7pm and continue through till midnight. Come prepared for the 11pm session where we will use Acts 19:11&12 as a foundation for people to bring handkerchiefs, any form of clothing, pillows cellphone, car keys, house keys, spec’s, sunglasses etc of any loved one or friend or family member that they are praying for to be saved or delivered from bad habits or any oppression, addiction of the devil. You will be invited forward with whatever you brought to anoint the item with oil and together with the our pastors we will come into agreement for that person’s breakthrough. You can go back to that person(s) or their homes and hand back the item(s) or place it in a strategic place and allow the anointing to do it’s work in those people’s lives.

For more info contact the church office on 041 399 4400 or email prayer@wordoffaith.org.za.

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