Coaching Clinic for Connect Group Leaders


Coaching Clinic for Connect Leaders 2016-02-26

Coaching Clinic for Connect Leaders
“Empowered to live and lead victoriously”

The Coaching Clinic for Connect Leaders course has been specially selected to:
· Provide you with the skills to effectively lead a Connect Group
· Develop your leadership abilities
· Develop your business skills and your ability to lead in business situations
· Help you establish your life goals and life vision
· Improve your communications skills to help you better your relationships – marriage, family, children and friends

At Word of Faith we have a vision to impact our city and nation. In order to do so, we believe our leaders must become empowered and equipped with the necessary skills and capabilities to live victorious lives: achieving success in their businesses, their marriages, their families and their Connect Groups. If you would like to make a significant difference in the lives of others and grow in your calling join us at the Coaching Clinic for Connect Leaders with qualified business coaches, Mike and Dr Karen Cerff.

To find out how you can register, please visit the information counter in the foyer, or email us at Cost TBC.

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